Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zombie Driver Trainer And Cheat PC

Zombie Driver Cheat PC

Cheat Codes For Zombie Driver :
In the root directory of the game you will find a folder called "Packs", in
here you will find a zip file called "". Open this with winrar (or
any other program that reads zip files). In here you will find all the files
you need to edit. Here are some edits that i found quite usefull:

-=Make vehicles (almost) invincible=-

Inside the go to the following directory:
Scripts/Cars. Here you will find an xml file for each of the games vehicle.
For example the taxi (taxi.xml). Unzip the file somewhere and open it with
any text editor (like notepad). Below the file you will find the lines:

  < params >
  < health value="350" />

Change the health value from 350 to anything you want, something like 100000
would do nice. Now save the file, and put it back in the You can do
this for all the vehicles.

-=Cheap upgrades=-

Inside the go to the following directory:
Scripts/GameRules and edit the file upgrade_prices.xml For example machine
gun level 1 price:

 < item name="machinegun1" price="2000" />

Change it to 1 and the upgrade will cost 1.

-=Weapons ammo and damage=-

Inside the go to the following directory: Scripts/Weapons here you
will find an xml file for each of the weapon of the game. To edit the rocket
launcher for example open the rocket_launcher.xml. And change the following
line for damage:

  < damage value="800" />

Change the 800 to anything you like. Mind you there are different levels of
the weapon, and each level has it's own value.

To change the clip size edit the following line:

  < clipSize value="500" />

Zombie Driver Trainer
Free Doownload Zombie Driver Trainer , Click image bellow ( wait 5 sec, skip add and download the file )
File Name : Zombie1_1_4_FY_P.rar
Size          :  542 kb

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